lundi 12 octobre 2015

Cards - October 2015... again!

Hi there!
Just popping in to share my new cards today! I used my Little B die (for the bough) and my CottageCutz die (for the flowers). The bow? I don't remember... honestly!

a closer look to see the little gems I glued.

The second card will be for my Dad. He will be 73 next November. Masculine enough? Not sure but...

A closer look to see the "happy birthday" words (paper smooches dies) I glued with patience this morning...

The third card will be for my mom. Her too, she will be 73 in... a few months... I know... It's probably too early but when I'm ready for one card, I'm ready for more. I've got a room for my cards but it's also my English workshop where I work every evening with the kids. So when I start a card and I mess up, then I create more cards and more projects to have more mess... Do you follow me?

And my last card is for... noone for the moment! I thought to my little niece when I made it but I think she's too old (my niece... not the card) for this type of card (almost 15!)... I know... I'm the old one!

Owl die from Sizzix and the letters from Hema... Love this shop!

Thanks for stopping by! See you in a few days for new projects (probably more for the Smash Book!)
Have a nice day!

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