lundi 12 octobre 2015

Cards - October 2015... again!

Hi there!
Just popping in to share my new cards today! I used my Little B die (for the bough) and my CottageCutz die (for the flowers). The bow? I don't remember... honestly!

a closer look to see the little gems I glued.

The second card will be for my Dad. He will be 73 next November. Masculine enough? Not sure but...

A closer look to see the "happy birthday" words (paper smooches dies) I glued with patience this morning...

The third card will be for my mom. Her too, she will be 73 in... a few months... I know... It's probably too early but when I'm ready for one card, I'm ready for more. I've got a room for my cards but it's also my English workshop where I work every evening with the kids. So when I start a card and I mess up, then I create more cards and more projects to have more mess... Do you follow me?

And my last card is for... noone for the moment! I thought to my little niece when I made it but I think she's too old (my niece... not the card) for this type of card (almost 15!)... I know... I'm the old one!

Owl die from Sizzix and the letters from Hema... Love this shop!

Thanks for stopping by! See you in a few days for new projects (probably more for the Smash Book!)
Have a nice day!

vendredi 9 octobre 2015

New Cards - October 2015

Oui, j'ai pris le temps cet après-midi de réaliser 2 petites cartes avec les nouveaux dies reçus récemment... sans oublier d'utiliser ceux que j'ai déjà bien sûr !

Pour cette première carte, l'oiseau vient de chez CottageCutz "sweetheart tourtereaux". J'ai acheté ce die tout comme le "greetings" (Christmas words de chez Paper Smooches) d'ailleurs chez 

 Vue d'un peu plus près... Il est pas mignon ce petit oiseau, hum?

Pour cette deuxième carte et bien... on prend les mêmes et on recommence. La guirlande est un des dies Little B de la collection "Holiday" et les petites décorations en dessous viennent de chez CottageCutz "Whimsical Holiday Wreath". Le mot "Christmas", là encore, vient de chez Paper Smooches. 

Trop sympa, non ?
N'hésitez pas à me laisser vos commentaires.

N'oubliez pas non plus que je vends mes cartes (créations originales by Cathy Vincent... trop cool...) Pour les fêtes, 1,50 Euros la carte avec enveloppe. Elle est pas belle la vie !

Bonne fin de journée et, surtout, bon week end!

lundi 5 octobre 2015

New Projects - October 2015

Just popping in today to share 2 new projects I'm going to make with my students in a few weeks.

The first one will be a key ring.

a closer look...
pretty little girl...

I cut my owl with the Marianne Design Collectable cutting die. I used different felts and fabrics and a piece of ribbon to hang the owl to the key ring. Funny, right, with these googly eyes!

The second project is a new page for our Smash Book. As you can see, it will concern... Christmas! I wanted to use my Hema enveloppes (always sooooo nice!) and pastel colors for change. The paper pad comes from Falala Recollections: 180 pages colorful and bright. Just love it!

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Thanks for stopping by!